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West Country Buses on Cine
Exeter and Devon General
The independent transport videos studios are proud to present a programme of 8mm cine films of West Country buses filmed by the late Brian Parnell.  Brian filmed the buses of Exeter City Transport and Devon General over a number of years spanning from 1970 to the 1980s with his trusty 8mm cine camera.  Not only did he do a marvellous job in capturing the buses and coaches in action he also edited the films producing a superb programme for us all to enjoy.  We have digitised the original 8mm film and presented them in the same way that Brian produced them using his own titles.  We have added a musical soundtrack, as all the original films were silent.  There are six films for you to enjoy.  The first is ‘City of Exeter Buses in the early 1970s’.  Plenty of Guy Arabs, AEC Regents and Leyland Titans with bodies from Massey and Park Royal, plus more besides. 
The second film is ‘Devon General on Exeter City Routes’ - here we start to see the Devon General livery of red and ivory replacing the Exeter Corporation green and cream livery.  The third is ‘Former Exeter Leyland Titan PD2As’, the fourth ‘The Last of Devon General’s AEC Regent Vs’, the fifth is called ‘All Change at Devon General 1980s – Part 1’ and the final film is ‘All Change at Devon General 1980s – Part 2’.  We also see some scenes from early bus rallies in Devon and Weymouth featuring Exeter and Devon General vehicles.
So sit back and be prepared to be transported back to a bygone era of ‘West Country Buses’ – enjoy!

 Filmed :  1970s & 1980s
 Duration :  99 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D451


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