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The Buses and Trams of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories are an absolute feast for the transport enthusiast. Buses of all shapes and sizes abound. Trams are ancient (Hong Kong Island) and modern (Tuen Mun).

So why not sit back and be transported to the part of Asia where the double decker rules the road and public transport is king.

This video, shot in 1995, takes you to Hong Kong Island to witness China Motor Bus working amongst the trams, Citybus and KMB on cross-harbour tunnel routes. Then sail on the Star Ferry to Kowloon where Kowloon Motor Bus is in abundance. Filmed on Nathan Road and Jordan Road we see all types of KMB vehicles working together with Citybus. A ride on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) back to Hong Kong Island for a day time ride to Happy Valley and back to Central to view peak time in Des Voeux Road.

We visit Stanley to see modern air-conditioned Citybus Olympians and Dennis Dragons alongside rebuilt CMB Guy Arabs.

Tuen Mun, in the New Territories, is home to the world's busiest Light Rail System. Experience a ride and view the complex cross-overs and junctions of the system after a ride by KMB Dennis Dragon along the spectacular Tuen Mun highway at Castle Peak Bay.

Night time is also spectacular in Hong Kong for transport. We travel from Kowloon in a tunnel bus, and then experience the excitement and lights of Wanchai as we travel through by tram.

 Filmed :  1995
 Duration :  85 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
 Order Ref :  D001

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