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A Bristol LH ride on the Isle of Wight

The narrow lanes on the picturesque Isle of Wight are well suited to the Bristol LH.  Southern Vectis bought some late examples to cover routes on the western side of the island but they also saw service in the Cowes and Newport area.

Former 202 is now preserved, and still lives on the island.  We took it out one Sunday to relive some of the routes it operated during it’s time in service with Southern Vectis.  One of the highlights of this video sees 202 operating the 42 from Alum Bay to the Needles Battery, now the haunt of converted open top Bristol VRTs.  We use a VRT as our not so steady camera stand as 202 makes the journey to the top!  We also see 202 negotiate the narrow entrance to Cowes pontoon,  then onto Newport to operate local services and the 48 to Carisbrooke Castle.  We complete our ‘ride’ on 202 to Yarmouth, where we started the day.

The video then takes us on more ‘rides’ when we pay a visit to the Bus Museum's Autumn Running Day, held in October 2001.  FLF 611 (CDL479C) shows off its new paint having just been repainted into its original Tilling livery.  611 goes to Newport bus station, and then on route 1A to Cowes.  There is also a ride on cream liveried VRT ex. 669 (UDL669S) and Solent Blue Line liveried ex. 637 (NDL637M).  Additional footage shows many of the visiting vehicles.

 Filmed :  2002
 Duration :  75 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD - Digital 
 Order Ref :  D025 - DVD format

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