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Johnson VR Journeys

Johnson Brothers (Tours) of Hodthorpe, near Worksop and Redfern Travel at Mansfield is still home to some 40 Bristol VRTs.

The fleets still include series I, II and III types, and all but one have Gardner engines. Saturday 26th April 2003 was the day of yet another successful Running Day and our cameras were in attendance.
Each type of VR was used during the day. Firstly series I OSF 305G and OSF 307G on a journey to MOXONS at Oldcotes to ride on a former Eastern Counties series III.  From here we journey to KETTLEWELLS at Retford to sample a ride on a former West Midlands P.T.E. series II with MCW bodywork.
The next journey is a Creswell Crags ‘circular’ on board series II PKM 810M ex. Maidstone & District.

Our afternoon journeys are with series II HTU 155N originally with Crosville and series III MWG 940X from Yorkshire Traction.  We then visit the depot of Redfern Travel at Mansfield.
The following day we take out ex. Western National PTT 98R a series III example on a journey though the delightful Nottingham and Derbyshire countryside to Chesterfield station.  The sights and sounds are not to be missed!

Most of the filming of this video is quite unique, in that two vehicles are used on most journeys. Our camera is in the forward vehicle filming the vehicle following thus giving excellent views of the second bus - passing through some stunning scenery, not to mention the rich stereo sounds from the Gardner engine of the forward vehicle!
Some of the proceeds of this video will go towards the restoration of series I VRT NGM 168G a former Central S.M.T. vehicle that is being restored by the company.

We would like to thank Scott Johnson of Johnson Bros. (Tours) for supplying the vehicles on the day, and to Richard Newman for the excellent organisation of the event.

 Filmed :  2003
 Duration :  120 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
 Order Ref :  D034

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