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Routemaster in London 2005 - Part 2

independent transport videos continue their pursuit of the Routemaster in the final summer of mainstream service.

We start at Golders Green, a major suburban transport hub and the terminal of route 13.  We see the arrival and departure of a number of the refurbished RMs operated by London Sovereign between here and the Aldwych.  We join RM329 and ride down the Finchley Road to Swiss Cottage.  We alight here and film various RMs coming and going about their daily business.  We continue the journey to the west end of Oxford Street where the congestion hinders the maintenance of schedules.

After a brief interlude filming the RMLs on the 159 that start at Marble Arch we record the much improved traffic flow up and down an unbelievably quiet Regent Street.  Between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus 13s and 159s continue to fly the Routemaster flag and at the latter the penultimate Routemaster route (the 38) crosses the paths of the 13s and 159s.

The second session of this film traces the last Routemasters in north London following the activities on the last day of Routemaster operation on route 38 between Victoria Station and Clapton Pond.  At Victoria we join RML2370 for the journey over the whole route to Clapton Pond.  The everyday vehicles are caught on camera as well as some of the extras that have become a regular feature of the ‘last day’ occasions.

At Clapton Pond we encounter both RMs and RMLs on the 38 and film the arrival of RTW75 and Bristol K HLJ 66 re-creating scenes of a bygone era.  We start to retrace our steps back to central London following the road back to Hackney Central and Clapton bus garage.  A number of Routemasters are seen resting between their final rush hour duties as well as some of the extra vehicles coming and going between duties.  These include RMF1254 which is operating for the first time in it’s life on a London bus route!  We move on to Islington and the Angel where further Routemaster activity is recorded and other extras keep passing by.  As well as the extra buses a few privately owned vehicles are also out and about re-creating the old workings of the 38.  These include RT190 which had run out to the furthest extremities of the 38.  We were invited to join the owners and ride the RT to Green Park.  This gave us the opportunity of film the passing traffic from the platform with the occasional Routemaster pursuing us.  At Green Park we join a photo opportunity before returning to Victoria during the evening rush hour.

This, our second film in 2005 features the penultimate two Routemaster routes up to October 2005.  A further film will record the Routemasters on the 159 as well as final day activities on the 8th and 9th of December 2005 – a must for your collection!

 Filmed :  2005
 Duration :  96 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
 Order Ref :  D061
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