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Czech Trams 1 - Prague Part 1

The beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is situated on the River Vltava.  Historic elegant buildings abound in the city centre with the concrete housing blocks from the Communist era making up the suburbs.  Prague was also home to the world’s most prolific tram maker, CKD, their most famous product being Tatra trams.  In Prague a fleet of over 900 trams are operated by DPP, Dopravnípodnik hlavino mesa Prahy (Prague Public Transport Company), operating 25 daytime routes and 9 night routes covering approximately 140km.  The most numerous tram type is the Tatra T3, used in either one or two car formations.  Prague has operated some 1,200 out of the 14,000 of this type produced since 1960.  Most are in the ubiquitous red and cream livery, with others carrying advertising liveries.  24 of these vehicles have been rebuilt with a low floor centre section and are finished in a smart maroon and silver scheme.  There is also a sizable fleet of the 1980’s Tatra KT8D5, in a three car formation and these are bi-directional unlike the T3s.  The latest trams are Porsche styled Skoda Elektra 14Ts of which there are 60 five section vehicles.

This programme, is part one of two produced from a visit by the independent transport videos cameras in July 2010.  The filming covers mostly the central area of Prague and on some of the many bridges over the River Vltava.  The busy streets of Národni, Újezd and Karmelitská are covered to name just a few.  We take a ride on a Tatra T3, 8016 + 8103 on route 3 to Malovanka, and on another ride we take T3 cars 8402 + 8403 on route 17 to Masarykovo Nábřeží.  Filming also takes place at the side of Wenceslas Square.  One of the highlights of this programme is a ride on historic tram car and trailer 2772 + 1202.  We take this tram on route 91 to the Tram Museum via Výstaviště.  It makes its way through the city where you will recognise some of our filming locations seen earlier in this programme.  On arrival at the museum we make a visit and film most of the exhibits.  We would strongly recommend a visit to this museum if you make a visit to Prague.  In part two we continue our filming in the city as well as journeys out to a number of the many suburbs by various types of tram.

 Filmed :  2010
 Duration :  114 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - Ł16
   Rest of world - Ł18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D141

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