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NorthWestVRT Running & Open Day 2014


The independent transport videos cameras were invited to come along and film this, the third Running & Open day organised by the North West Vehicle Restoration Trust.  The event is centred on the Trust’s premises on the Kirkby Industrial Estate near Liverpool, Merseyside.  We start our filming early in the morning as the vehicles of the Trust are positioned for the day’s action.  We see the arrivals of the visiting buses and coaches as they take up their positions.  There is a good turn out from the Merseyside Transport Trust, of whom their vehicles can be seen on our other programmes featuring their running day which takes place each September.  With all of the arrivals recorded we take our seats on board Merseybus Leyland Titan TNLXB 2122 (CUL 122V) for a run to nearby Prescot and back.  With excellent weather and very little other road traffic we can enjoy the sounds of the Gardener 6LXB engine as we drive through the picturesque countryside with both internal and external views for you enjoy.  Our next ride is on 1032 (A112 HLV) a Leyland Atlantean AN68 with an Alexander body in the Verona green and jonquil livery of Merseyside Transport.  The Leyland O.680 engine makes an interesting contrast from our previous ride! 


At midday the NWVRT held their “Big Launch”.  This featured three vehicles that have been newly restored by their “hard working team of dedicated volunteers”.  The buses in question were Leyland Olympian, 0261 (F261 YTJ) in the smart maroon and cream of Merseybus, Leyland Atlantean AN68, 1847 (WWM 924W) a Willowbrook example with coach seating and known locally as the “Merseymaid”, and a Leyland Fleetline FE30 with Northern Counties bodywork number 8 (LVT 699V) in the smart brown and cream livery of Turner’s of Brown Edge in Staffordshire.  Our cameras were invited to travel on the latter two for a trip around the deserted roads of the industrial estate. 


Our next ride out is somewhat special. The 13.15 departure on service 90 to Prescot was operated by the two resident Halton Transport buses.  The last Leyland National 2 built, 33 (C49 OCM) and Leyland Lynx 2, 35 (H35 HBG), which is the oldest surviving Lynx 2.  This spirited ride is not to be missed as the buses travel to Prescot and back in time-honoured fashion!  Returning to Kirkby we then have the pleasure of taking four more rides on four contrasting vehicles!  The first is on board open top Atlantean 1551 (OLV 551M) turned out in the smart red and cream ‘Southport’ version of the Merseyside Transport livery, the second ride is on board 1788 (OEM 788S) a Leyland Atlantean AN68 with MCW bodywork in the livery of Wallasey Corporation Motors, similar to that was carried by sister vehicle 1789 for “The Big Bus Show” in 1979.  We travel to Kirkby railway station on this occasion.  The third ride is on a Leyland Titan PD1, previously operated by Warrington Corporation.  Number 24 (EED 8) carries a Leyland style body that was assembled by Alexander in Falkirk.  This bus offers a nice comparison with the rear engine buses we have travelled on so far.  Our final ride of the day is on board Merseybus liveried Leyland Olympian 0238 (F238 YTJ), which features an Alexander RL body.  Our return to base sees some of the visiting vehicles departing.  We would like to thank the NWVRT for organising this excellent event and for inviting our cameras to film it.  We hope you enjoy it as much watching it!    


 Filmed :  2014
 Duration :  68 minutes (approx). 
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D210


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