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Imberbus 2018 

This is the second visit to the now famous ‘Imberbus’ event by the independent transport videos cameras.  Our first visit was in 2013 when a total of seven buses were in service, now in 2018 a total of 24 buses were operated, mostly traditional Routemasters, (RM, RML and RMC), but five from the ‘New Routemaster’ class which included the very first, LT1 (LTZ 1001) and the very last, LT1000 (LTZ 1000).  The one and only ‘short’ ‘New Routemaster’ ST812 (LTZ 1812) was also on hand to help move the crowds.  As well as the old and new Routemasters, Metropolitan MD60 (KJD 260P) was in service as well as locally based First West of England 69502 (BJ10 VGC) a Wrightbus Volvo B7RLE in the striking ‘Discover’ livery.  Imberbus was formed in early 2009 when a group of industry professionals met up to discuss the possibility of running a one day service over normally closed military roads to the ‘lost’ village of Imber on Salisbury Plain, which had last seen a bus service in 1943.  Imberbus was thus born, with four Routemasters working the first event in September 2009.
Filming for the 2018 event begins at the railway station in Warminster and then travel with a camera in the cab of RM1978 (ALD 978B) to the village of Imber.  We then travel onboard RM1654 (654 DYE) a Routemaster with a Leyland engine to the Imber park & ride site and then back to Warminster station to catch up on the action there.  We return to Imber on board ‘New Routemaster’ LT1000, but make a stop for photographs with LT1 as we journey along the deserted military roads.  At Imber we then travel on RMC1461 (461 CLT) a former Green Line coach to the pretty village of Chitterne.  From here we join RML2451 (JJD 451D) for our ride to the equally pretty village of Tilshead.  At both villages there is plenty of action to see as captured by our cameraman.  RM1005 (5 CLT) the Routemaster now sporting a Euro 6 engine is our next bus for a journey back to Chitterne to change buses for a ride to the busy Gore Cross Interchange – a revised site for this year’s event.  Arrival at Gore Cross is on board RM597 (WLT 597) superbly turned out after a recent restoration programme.  We get some excellent views at Gore Cross that really show off the terrain that the buses have to travel on at this unique event. 
With filming completed here we rejoin RM597 for a ride back to Imber village where we take a brief look at the ‘Battle Bus – The London Bus that went to War’.  B-Type bus B2737 (LH 8186) has been transformed to look like the many hundreds of buses that went with the soldiers to France to fight the First World War in 1914.  The final scenes are shot at Warminster station.  We hope that you enjoy this programme, either as a souvenir of the day or to give you inspiration to visit Imber next year!

 Filmed :  2018
 Duration :  72 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D328


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