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Polish Trams 3 - Łódź & Wrocław

We welcome you to this, the third programme in our Polish Trams series of DVDs.  This time the independent transport videos cameras visit the cities of Łódź and Wrocław.
We begin in Łódź, which is Poland’s third largest city located some 120 km southwest of the capital Warsaw.  Electric trams began operating here in 1898 and the system is now one of Poland’s largest tram networks covering some 147 km with 21, routes both urban and interurban on metre gauge track.  The operator is MPK Łódź and the trams feature a deep red and yellow livery, with some trams carrying overall advert liveries.  Some second-hand trams still carry the liveries of their former operators such as former Bochum (Germany) Duewag trams (grey and red), and former Helsinki Duewag 1519, smartly turned out in Helsinki green and cream.  The tram fleet at the time of filming in June 2018 consisted of a large number of Konstal 805N/Na trams of which many have been modernised and various Duewag trams from the German fleets of Bielefeld, RNV (via Helsinki) and Bochum.  Newer low-floor trams are Bombardier Cityrunner and Polish built PESA Tramicus and Swing models. We see heritage tram number 154, a Konstal 5N on route 120 – 120 representing the 120th anniversary of tram operation in the city.  Our filming takes place in the city centre and along the interurban routes.  Locations include Zachodnia, Legionów, Plac Wolności, Pomorska, Franciszkańska and Nowomiejska.  A short ride is taken on former Bochum Duewag number 301.  A further ride is taken on Konstal 805Na, 1724+1725 to the junction of Narutowicza and Jana Kilińskiego.  Action at the impressive tram station at Piotrkowska Centrum is recorded, where most types of tram are seen passing through as well as historic tram 154.  Further filming takes place out of the city at Włókniarzy, Zdrowie and Konstantynowska.  A ride back to the city onboard former Bochum Duewag 316 is taken to complete our filming. 
The second part of this DVD programme is filmed in Poland’s fourth largest city – Wrocław, some 350 km to the south west of Warsaw.  Electric trams began operating here in 1893 and today the system comprises some 87 km of standard gauge track, covering 21 routes.  The trams are operated by
MPK Wrocław in a mostly blue and white livery.  The latest trams wear an overall deep blue metallic livery.  These are interesting trams in that they are mostly built to high-floor specification with a low-floor centre section. Built by Polish manufacturer Modertrans, they are the Moderus Beta MF model.  The rest of the fleet is made up of the Konstal 105Na, various Protram variations (some rebuilt from Konstal 105Na trams), Škoda 16T and 19T trams and the latest PESA Twist tram.  We see historic tram 1+2, which is of the Berolina type built in 1901.  Our filming locations include Kwiska, Rynek, Galeria Dominikańska, Plac Grunwaldzki, Curie-Skłodowskiej, Wajdy and Hala Stulecia.  Six rides are taken during our visit covering a number of tram types.  These include PESA Twist, Protram 105NWr, Modertrans Moderus Beta and Konstal 105Na types.  Further locations include Biskupin, Dworzec Autobusowy, Dworzec Głowny, Piłsudskiego, Swidnicka, Opera and Leśnica.  Wrocław is a very picturesque city as you will see from this programme, and with trams to match we are sure you will enjoy your visit!


 Filmed :  2018
 Duration :  82 mins
 Price :  Within UK - £16
   Rest of world - £18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D340


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