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Preston's Buses 2015 - 2019

Back in 2004 Preston was celebrating their centenary of public transport.  The independent transport videos cameras visited the city to produce a DVD featuring the buses that were operating in Preston at that time.  Since that programme was made a number of changes have taken place with the bus scene in the city.  J. Fishwick & Sons, the long established local independent operator ceased operating in October 2015.  Preston Bus, at the time of our film was privately owned by its management and employees having been bought from the local authority in the early 1990s and, Stagecoach the only constant, operates a few local and most of the out of town services as well as the former Fishwick main trunk route, the 111.  A number of changes have taken place at Preston Bus since 2004.  In 2009 Preston Bus was sold to Stagecoach, but the Competition Commission ruled that the takeover affected competition in the area and ordered Stagecoach to sell Preston Bus.  Following the ruling the name and logo of the company was reinstated but was operated at arm’s length from the main Stagecoach business until January 2011 when Preston Bus was sold to Rotala.  So, in 2019 Preston Bus is operated by Rotala and buses are in a striking dark blue, light green and white livery with a large ‘PB’ logo on the side.  Being part of a big group, buses are often transferred between the companies, offering the bus enthusiast a good deal of interest and variety. 
This DVD programme was filmed during 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  A good number of locations are featured in and out of the city centre over the four years of filming.  These include North Road, Lancaster Road, Church Street, Adelphi Quarter, Fishergate and Tithebarn Street.  Also Plungington Road and Black Bull Lane in Fulwood, Preston.  We also feature the iconic ‘Brutalist ’ Bus Station that was built in 1969.  When filmed in 2004 the site was due to be redeveloped with the bus station moving to another site in the city, however, the building became a grade II-listed building and was saved!  During 2015-2018 the bus station was completely refurbished to its original look of that in 1969.  When first opened, one side was used by Ribble buses and the other by Preston Corporation buses.  Since the refurbishment, only one side is used (the former Ribble side) by Stagecoach, Preston Bus and National Express.  We film the interior and see the action as the buses enter and leave this iconic building.  During our 2015 filming we pay a visit behind the scenes at the Preston Bus Deepdale Road Depot and view the workshops and body shop as well as a number of interesting buses parked up.  This includes Leyland Lynx 31215 (G215 KRN), built in 1989 and still in service as a school bus at the time of our filming.  There is plenty of action for you to see as we film the buses in Preston over this five-year period.
We would like to thank John Asquith of Preston Bus for his assistance in the making of this DVD programme and we hope you enjoy the programme as much as we did filming it for you.

 Filmed :  2019
 Duration :  61 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D361


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