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Wythall Rides

The Transport Museum at Wythall in the West Midlands is a real cornucopia for the transport enthusiast.  Majoring on buses and coaches from the Midlands region of the United Kingdom the museum also has a variety of vehicles from other parts of the UK and on an open day a number of guest buses and coaches arrive for the public to inspect and ride upon.  During 2020 the world-wide coronavirus pandemic put a stop to many events and museum openings, but the Transport Museum at Wythall put in a number of safety measures and following government guidelines the Museum opened and during October ran their annual ‘Autumn Running Day’ on the 4th and on the 25th of the same month, the ‘End Of Season Twilight Running Day’.  The independent transport videos cameras were present at both events and filmed them for you to enjoy.  As is implied by the title of this programme, our cameras took rides on seven different vehicles and put a further camera in the cab of one of the buses for a drivers eye view, so you can experience first hand of what it was like back in the day. 
On our first visit we take a ride on a former Coventry Transport Daimler Fleetline, 135 (PDU 135M) from the Museum to the Maypole roundabout and back again.  The second ride also to the Maypole is onboard former Birmingham Corporation 2707 (JOJ 707) a Metro-Cammell bodied Daimler CVD6.  This lovely bus is one of the residents of the Museum.  Our third ride is onboard LPT 328, an AEC Regal III with a Burlingham half-cab coach body dating from 1950.  This coach was originally operated by Gillett Bros. of Durham, but has come out of service from Silver Star of Caernarfon in who’s livery it carries.
October 25
th was the date of the ‘End of Season Twilight Running Day’, a day of mixed weather conditions!  Our first ride of the day to the Maypole is onboard 21 (RAU 804M), a single-deck Leyland Atlantean formally operated by Hulleys of Baslow.  This interesting bus began life with Nottingham City Transport as 555 (OTO 555M) with an East Lancs H77D double-deck body.  The body was removed and chassis extended and rebodied with a new East Lancs single-deck body and after proving unsuccessful with that operator it was sold on.  At the Maypole we change buses and ride back to the Museum onboard 271 (OWE 271K), a Bristol VRTSL6LXB, also with an East Lancs body, but this time formally operated by Sheffield Transport and now resident at the Museum.  Our next ride out to the Maypole is onboard former Coventry Corporation Transport Daimler CVA6, 94 (GKV 94) that carries a Metro-Cammell body.  The bus has undergone a major restoration and looks and sounds excellent, as you will see!  Our final ride is a real treat for you.  We have put a camera inside the cab for the driver’s eye view of the road ahead and one inside for the passenger’s experience.  The vehicle is 2418 (GHA 337), a Midland Red SOS “SON” with a Brush body seating 38 passengers.  This lovely little bus first entered service in 1940 and is part of the collection at Wythall.  You will certainly enjoy the experience as we travel to the Maypole and back. 
Our programme concludes with scenes of the buses coming and going in the twilight, lights glowing and windows steamed up with final scenes shot as the visiting buses leave for home as night falls.

 Filmed :  2020
 Duration :  99 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D387


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