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Classic Bus Running Days - East Grinstead 2019 & 2023

The organisers, ‘Country Bus Rallies – Kent & Sussex’, put on an excellent running day centred on the market town of East Grinstead in April most years.  The independent transport videos cameras were in attendance at the 2019 and 2023 events to record the activities for your enjoyment.  The events feature mostly former London buses and is centred in the High Street of East Grinstead in Surrey.  You will see an excellent selection of former green and red London Transport buses in service with other buses from fleets such as Maidstone & District, Metrobus, Brighton Hove & District, Southdown and even more!  Each event features quite a few different vehicles.  For example some of the green London Transport/London Country buses seen at the 2019 event included RF, RT, RLH, XF and MB types, whilst at the 2023 event we also see vehicles from the GS, RMC and RML classes.  Red London Transport buses seen are RF, RT, RM and RML.
 At the 2019 event we see the former Maidstone & District DL39 (VKR 39), a 1956 low-bridge AEC Regent V, but at the 2023 event we see DH478 (VKR 470), a 1956 high-bridge AEC Regent V!  Our programme opens at the 2019 event on London Road, East Grinstead before joining the High Street where all the action takes place.  We take a ride out to Crawley on MB90 (SMM 90F), a 1967 AEC Swift (Merlin) in the London Country colours of Lincoln green and yellow operating a 473 service.  Further action is filmed in the High Street at East Grinstead capturing the wide variety of buses operating through and picking up the crowds of enthusiasts and the general public.  The weather was perfect which is more that can be said for the 2023 event that brought heavy rain, but it does add atmosphere to our filming!
The 2023 filming begins in the High Street where we see a good selection of mostly green London Transport/London Country buses in attendance.  Our cameras take a ride on the superbly restored and presented RML 2456 (JJD 456D), a 1966 AEC Routemaster for a 409 service to Godstone.  At Godstone we change to RF28 (LYF 379), a 1951 AEC Regal IV in Green Line livery operating a 708 service back to East Grinstead.  This bus was one of a number that was modified in the late 1960s.  We are joined on the journey with a group of people dressed up in 1960s fashions, which adds a nice touch to our journey back in time!  We continue our filming in the High Street before taking another ride on MB90.  This journey on a 434 service to Troy Town at Edenbridge.  We travel through the countryside on a spirited ride with an almost capacity load, which shows the success of this excellent running day.  On returning to East Grinstead we film the action in the High Street that looks like a late afternoon from the 1960s and as the sun begins to shine we see the final arrivals and departures.  Our final filming takes place along London Road ending a programme of sheer nostalgia that we are sure you will enjoy.

 Filmed :  2019 & 2023
 Duration :  71 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D445


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